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What is a Ostheopath?

An Osteopath is a professional in healthcare, specialized in treating the body in a holistic way, especially the muscles and bones.

The Osteopath bases his treatments on the theory and practice of Doctor Andrew Taylor Still (1874), who claims that the body can restore itself through a good combination of manual techniques such as massages, manipulations and moving crano-sacral fluid. These methods are used to balance the body.

He makes a medical report of each patient and observes how the body moves and functions. He looks at how the patient sits down in the consultation room, how the head turns and how the patient stands. He also observes how the patient talks and so on.

Then he will scan the body to determine which areas of the body are painful. Also, he will determine temperature differences along the vertebrae and see if the pelvis is symmetrical with the rest of the body.

An osteopath will treat people with different pains such as headache, back pain, neck pain, sciatica, nerve pain, sports injuries, post-operative rehabilitation, asthma, arthritis pain, pregnancy pain, menstrual pain, etc.

He is able to relieve chronic fatigue as well as arthritis and other injuries. There are many possibilities with osteopathy. Even from young to old.

After the first consultation it is very possible that the patient has to repeat several times to systematically improve the structure and overall health condition.

After a few times, the Osteopath can determine whether the approach was right at the beginning or if he had to change strategy. It is very good in collaboration with a general doctor. Because it promoted the healing of the patients.