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Osteopathy for babies

Osteopathy For babies! 

Children's osteopathy is becoming increasingly known. For example to improve the colic or reflux of babies. It also serves to treat infections of all kinds, the most common being the ear and the chest. Gentle maneuvers are performed to relax the existing tensions in the nape and pelvis to improve the nervous control of the digestive system, in addition these maneuvers relax the baby and help him to rest better. Osteopathy with babies gives very good results.

From osteopathy we give a new approach to infant colic. Often the baby has accumulated tensions in the neck and pelvic area due to difficult deliveries, or certain intrauterine positions. There are two zones of great importance for stimulating a good operation of the digestive system. At the level of the neck we have the vagus nerve that will regulate the good functioning of the upper part of the digestive tract from throat to stomach, and in the lumbar and sacral area we have the nerves that control the functions of the small and large intestine. Infant colic is a picture of prolonged, sometimes inconsolable, crying that begins around the second week of the baby's life, repeating almost daily, and may persist until the third or fourth month. Usually occurs at sunset.

To consider infant colic, there must be at least 3 main signs and 1 secondary sign of the following (Wessel criteria) The first thing we will do is rule out other types of pathologies through and ask parents about the baby's clinical history.

Before exploring the baby. It is important to rule out problems such as gastro-esophageal reflux, pyloric stenosis, food allergies and intestinal obstruction. If the cramps are not very acute with about three sessions of treatment the symptoms of colic of the infant should be practically resolved.

The reactions to the treatment will vary depending on each baby and its history, although after the first session some improvement should be noticed if there are no other associated problems. It is also convenient to teach parents some simple abdominal massage maneuvers so that they at home can also contribute to the treatment and improvement of their baby.