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Osteopathy and Odontology

Dentistry and Osteopathy!

Since the cranial osteopathy system has been created, there is lots of work we can do to help the dentist patients. The key to the integration of both professions is to respect the movement inherent in the human body, including the structures of the skull (bones, membranes, fluids, CNS).

The fact is that all parts of the body are closely interconnected. The mouth and jaw are not separated from the parts of the rest of the body and changes in these areas will influence the same body and vice versa.

The problems that affect the mouth and teeth have a direct effect on the rest of the body. The anatomical components of this structure are: Craneum, jaw, tongue and teeth.

Thanks to the ATM, you can Open and close your mouth, move your tongue and eat food and liquids, ... It is a perfect machine. Given the complexity of this articulation (ATM) linked to the functionality of the skull and posture, it is essential to evaluate the reliability of each diagnosis.

It is necessary to know, however, that each machine has its own problems: the jaw may be too prominent or too retracted, it may not move correctly to the right or to the left, it may make us feel a persistent and annoying clik at the level of the joint With the temporary bone (TMJ) and especially the teeth, the prosthesis or the seals that if missing or are badly made can clog this machine.

We chew 1200-1300 times a day, this spontaneous act causes a great mechanical solicitation of the ATM. Tension can build up in the muscles of the mastication.

The muscles of the mastication contract and relax continuously, impacting the floor of the bones of the skull, while the tongue goes forward, separating the maxilla from the jaw. It is the balance of these forces that helps to fix the structure of the mouth and the position of the teeth.

If nasal breathing is compromised, the jaw should remain open. Some of these problems can be treated with osteopathy, others require orthodontic intervention. The osteopathic treatment is especially important, to keep the tissues free and correct postural balance.

With osteopathy or manual therapy; We can correct the muscle skeleton system and improve the function of the body. We improve blood circulation and oxygenation of the CNS.

Postural correction and Osteopathy correct the jaw to support the work of the Dentist.