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Kinesiology means the study of movement.

Kinesiology is a diagnostic tool, which responds or works by a stimulus, through which the body gives an information. This information is given by a shortening of one of the muscle chains, which in the field of kinesiology is known as AR (Arm Reflex).

The body throughout its life undergoes a series of alterations , creating a series of symptoms that prove that something is not going well.

The holistic kinesiology studies the changes in the muscular tone to be able to discover the causes of the imbalances that take place in our body.

Thus, this alternative medicine considers the musculature a key piece to know the first cause of a failure in health.

The musculature, then, would not be in charge only of provoking movement, but it would be a mirror of the subconscious and as such, it would give us a deep information to ensure that the body does not become blocked and so the body can cure itself.

Kinesiology allows the therapist to evaluate the patient through muscular tests and treat him / her from an overall unbalance, thus activating his / her own regeneration.

Some specialists in this method have come to say that kinesiology is about allowing the whole body to develop consciousness, becoming in some way the directors of our own health.

The muscular test is the one that is performed on the patient in order to find possible health imbalances considering the patient as a whole body-mind. For example, in order for an arm to move correctly, it is not only necessary to force it, but also to send the brain optimal neurological information so that this movement occurs correctly.
The muscle test will provide us with information on how the health situation in the body is. AR.

Thus, for example, a certain muscle subjected to a stress situation may weaken or, on the contrary, contract. The test gives us concrete information about our energy levels in order to draw up a map of the possible imbalances of the patient at a certain point in their life.