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Kinesio Tape

The Kinesiotape is a longitudinally adhesive cotton tape with protective paper. Its fabric is elastic in its longitudinal direction, but not so transversal. This important feature is what gives the benefits of this unique way of bandaging. And in turn it makes it so versatile, because the Kinesiotaping or neuromuscular bandage is not only used in sports injuries; but also in circulatory disorders, visceral dysfunctions and neurological pathologies, to mention just a few.

Its broad function is explained in the following situations or patologies:

Helps reduce pain by maintained stimulation on the skin, reducing inflamation and improving or adjusting the joints.

It regulates muscle tone since it prevents excess tension in the muscular fascia.

It is capable of activating the proprioception of the joints, which in turn facilitates the postural adjustment. In addition, depending on the mode of use, you can move a joint improving its sliding.

They activate circulation and lymphatic drainage.

They enhance the neuro-reflex action, that is, the interconnection of structures innervated by the same vertebral level.

From the above effects we can already understand why its use is increasingly massive. For athletes it is already a "must" and the patients who just use it realize the immediate "help" according to their application.
Now all these wonders are only achieved through the correct use of the bandage. It is important to know the biomechanics and body anatomy to achieve optimal results. In principle we can all take off the adhesive paper and stick the tape to the skin, but a kinesiologist will know when, where and how to perform the corresponding tension. Ask your Kinesiólog @ what is the best application for you and to show you how to apply it according to your condition.