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The human body is made up of several billions of living cells. These cells have a slight electrical potential around them. The pulsed magnetic field of Biomag penetrates deeply into the body and influences this electrical potential of the cells, stimulating them to activate them.

Pulsed magnetic 3D Biomag therapy creates optimal conditions to accelerate healing, reduce pain and, in general, regenerate the body. It is very useful for healing fractures and accelerating bone healing.

The application of low frequency pulsed magnetic therapy results in several major biological effects in tissues. These are particularly analgesic, vasodilatory and stimulant effects. Each application, within the entire frequency range of 1 to 81 Hz in Biomag devices, includes all the effects mentioned in various intensity levels. Generally, low frequencies most affect all painful conditions and stimulate healing. The mid frequencies provide the strongest vasodilator effect (expansion of the blood vessels) and the high stimulation frequencies provide the best healing and regeneration effects.